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iPhone 15: price, release date, rumors, news, news and everything we know about the new Apple smartphone

He iPhone 15 It is beginning to be the object of desire, mention and great expectation in technological circles. Yes, there is little time left for the presentation of the next Apple smartphone, and the rumors have gained a lot of strength.

And it is that this device and all the variants with which it arrives, from the already classic Pro to a rumored, but unlikely iPhone 15 Ultra, already arouse great interest. It is always so in the case of Apple. The iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus and iPhone 14 Pro are close to being replaced by their successors and many are already wondering what will be the price, when will the release date be and what are the features of the iPhone 15. As we well know, there are dozens of doubts, but thanks to a good number of rumors, and especially leaks, we know a lot about the future smartphone of Cupertino.

Therefore, here we review everything we know about the next Apple terminal so far, with updated information as more is known about the plans of the Cupertino giant.

iPhone 15: features

Characteristic iPhone 15 iPhone 15Plus iPhone 15 Pro iPhone 15 Pro Max
Processor A16 Bionic A16 Bionic A17 Bionic A17 Bionic
Screen 6.2″ 6.7″ 6.2″ 6.7″
Storage 128, 256, 512GB 128, 256, 512GB 128, 256, 512GB, 1TB 128, 256, 512GB, 1TB
Rear camera 48 MP main + wide angle 48 MP main + wide angle 48 MP main + wide angle + telephoto 48 MP main + wide angle + telephoto
Frontal camera 12MP 12MP 12MP 12MP
Price From 1,009 euros / 20,999 pesos (Mexico) From €1,159 / $23,999. From €1,319 / $25,999. From €1,469 / $28,999.
*All specifications are indicative and based on rumors or leaked information.

When will the iPhone 15 be released?

What is the release date of the iPhone 15? For more than ten years, Apple has organized face-to-face events with specialized press during autumn to show its new smartphones. The tradition began with the iPhone 4S in October, but starting with the iPhone 5 it is celebrated during the second week of September.

2023 is an atypical year, because September begins on a Friday, so technically the iPhone 15 will be presented during the third week of the month. All reports point to Tuesday, September 12 or Wednesday, September 13 as the device’s announcement date.

sources close to hypertextual They assure that Apple has blocked September 22 in the holiday calendar. In other words, it is a day that store employees cannot miss. Apple generally puts its new iPhones on sale the Friday of the week after they’re announced. So Tuesday the 12th or Wednesday the 13th seems to be confirmed.

All keynotes Apple are broadcast live from the company’s website or via YouTube. In addition, since 2020 they have a pre-recorded format, which makes product launches more entertaining for people who are not present in the Steve Jobs theater. The specialized press, once the presentation is over, has access to the devices. hypertextual will be present, as always, at the event.

Will the iPhone 15 Pro be delayed?

Some rumors suggest that the iPhone 15 Pro will be delayed due to production problems with some of its components. In particular the new screen of the device, which has much thinner edges than previous models. If so, this model would arrive weeks later or there would be few units available on the day it was put on sale.

iPhone 15 design: the smartphone with the thinnest edges on the market

The iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro Max will have a screen with thinner edges, just 1.5 millimeters. They will be the smallest frames on a smartphone today. That brings the device closer to Apple’s vision of an end-to-end glass front, with virtually no evidence of the rest of the product. A front where it is practically 100% screen. They would also use a new material: titanium.

The iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus will keep the screen edges similar to those of the iPhone 14, but they would have the dynamic island either dynamic island —the interactive cutout at the top, where the camera and Face ID are housed. Released with the Pro models of the previous generation, this time it would also be extended to the cheapest versions of the new smartphone.

One of the great unknowns for this generation of devices is what the new terminal will be like. There has even been talk of a iPhone 15 without buttons.

As? An iPhone without buttons? Well yes. This has been one of Apple’s goals for years, in pursuit of creating a port-free terminal and any addition that is more than the terminal itself as a single compact object.

In this case, there is talk that an iPhone 15 without buttons could be the one chosen to inaugurate this path. At the moment, rumors suggest that the device will have the buttons we are used to, but that they will offer haptic feedback, like the home button that came with the iPhone 7.

Concept of the iPhone 15 Pro.
Concept of the next iPhone.

This way, we could have an iPhone 15 without buttons but with the traditional appearance. Apple would achieve a first step in the double objective to achieve a terminal without alterations in its framework, eliminating the buttons with physical response as such. It is, of course, a much more likely approach than radically removing all buttons from one generation to the next.

Similarly, the body design of the device is expected to slightly round its edges in pursuit of better ergonomics. In addition, the aforementioned decrease in the frames would allow the diagonal of the screen to be stretched to 6.2 inches, compared to the current 6.1.

Will the iPhone 15 have USB-C?

One of the big questions over the years is when the USB-C port will come to the iPhone. This year was not going to be an exception, and there are already many rumors that point to an iPhone 15 with built-in USB-C.

The adoption of this standard is a theory that has actually ceased to be after admitting Apple itself that they will have to give up to comply with the European Union regulation that requires a standard charging port for all smartphones that are sell in the region.

A few days ago, images of the USB-C port components that will be present in the iPhone 15 were leaked. The revelation came from two different sources that apparently received photos from the device’s production line.

iPhone 15 USB-C port leaked
USB-C port on iPhone 15 leaked

Camera and photographic capabilities

The iPhone 15 camera is one of the aspects that attracts the most attention to itself. With each new generation, the Cupertino firm strives to greatly improve this section, something that has earned it a constant position among the manufacturers with the best photographic module in a smartphone.

In the case of the iPhone 15 and its camera, everything seems to indicate that the news will focus in a very special way on the larger model. Thus, The iPhone 15 Pro Max would be the first smartphone in the house to incorporate a periscope-format lens with an optical magnification capacity far superior to that of its brothers. While the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max have a maximum zoom of 3x, the new device is expected to have between 6x to 10x magnification thanks to this new technology.

This is a feature that we have seen repeatedly in terminals from other brands. Now it could finally reach the firm’s smartphones with the aforementioned Pro Max, further differentiating the top model from the rest.

Other features of the next iPhone 15

In addition to the above, it is to be expected that the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 standard will not share the same processor. Apple first began making that distinction last year and, barring surprise, will continue to do so.

This way, the iPhone 15 Pro will have the latest processor of the firmhe A17 Bionic with 3 nanometer architecture. While the base model would reach consumers with the chip A16 Bionic that the iPhone 14 Pro currently mounts.

One of the biggest benefits of Apple’s A17 chip is that it would be 35% more efficient, so it would be able to deliver more power using less energy. In addition to being 10% faster.

Likewise, another of the sections in which the iPhone 15 Pro will improve will be in RAM memory. The latest leaks indicate that this model will raise it from 6 to 8 GB, reinforcing the performance of the terminal. His younger brothers, on the other hand, would keep the current 6 GB.

iPhone 15: a worthy heir

iPhone 15 red on a black background, concept.
iPhone 15 concept by 4RMD.

If we go into the matter in relation to the models that will reach the market, the cheapest of all will be the iPhone 15. This will be the base terminal, as usual, although this year it will be even more interesting.

Mainly, due to the inclusion of the aforementioned dynamic island, which will now serve to equate it to a certain extent with the Pro models. For the rest, it is expected that it will also jump to USB-C and keep other elements already known, such as the double rear camera.

iPhone 15 Pro: continuing the legacy

The other model that will arrive yes or yes in 2023 will be the iPhone 15 Pro. This will feature the latest innovations from Apple and will continue in line with previous years.

As said, it will keep the triple rear camera, although now with a new lens in periscope format, in addition to improving its processor and RAM. If nothing changes, the iPhone 15 Pro Max It will be the most premium model that the firm will market this year.

iPhone 15 Ultra: fact or fiction?

Golden iPhone 15 Ultra on a black background, concept.
iPhone 15 Ultra concept by 4RMD.

The arrival of a model iPhone 15 Ultra That it crowns the range of Apple smartphones is one of the rumors that has been gaining ground recently. However, the usually reliable Mark Gurman of Bloombergrecently revealed that those from Cupertino are preparing said model for 2024.

This terminal would have better materials and photographic capabilities than the other models. And something else, surely. But as the journalist points out, there would be no such iPhone 15 Ultra, but it would be a change for the next generation.

iPhone 15 prices

The models and prices of the iPhone 15 could be as follows, approximately:

  • iPhone 15: 1,009 euros / 20,999 pesos (Mexico).
  • iPhone 15Plus: €1,159 / $23,999.
  • iPhone 15 Pro: €1,319 / $25,999.
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max: €1,469 / $28,999.

Of course, all these prices are tentative. In fact, the iPhone 15 Pro is expected to be more expensive than the previous generation – or, at least, it is contemplated as a possibility. It is one of the most famous rumors, but we will not have confirmation until the announcement of the device.

The company could decide, between now and then, to adjust them based on the needs of the market. Looking back, it is unlikely that we will know the exact figure before the official release by Apple.

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