Monday, December 4, 2023

iPhone 15 leaks its potential release date and it would be in a few weeks

We are at that point of the year where little by little more and more reports about the inevitable iPhone 15 of Manzana. August is usually the month where we know the almost definitive rumors about the camera and other technical specifications of the smartphone. But this year has been a little different.

Weeks later they began to ensure that the guys from Cupertino were seriously behind schedule with the mass production of the smartphone, all due to a problem with LG one of its screen distributors.

Reports at the time suggested that the iPhone 15 Pro it could be in serious trouble to be available for sale on the day of its supposed launch, because the screens were not even supporting the assembly process, let alone the resistance tests.

Faced with such a scenario, the honest perspective is that this new family of smartphones could be released very late on the market or even jeopardize its traditional presentation every September. But now a new report has emerged that suggests the opposite. For better and for worse.

Apple would present the iPhone 15 family in a few weeks

The renowned reporter Bloomberg Mark Gurman has released the most recent edition of his newsletter, power onwhere he ended up talking about the possible date of the Apple keynote where the iPhone 15 would be shown, incidentally sharing his tentative shipping start date for the phones to reach the points of sale.

According to Gurman, the first units of the iPhone 15 will potentially be shipped as of September 22, 2023. Therefore, Apple is expected to continue with its traditional event in the ninth month of the year, as it has been doing in recent years.

Apple will keep all four known models in the iPhone 15.

For this occasion we will have, in theory, where new generation phone lines, the iPhone 15 and the iPhone 15 Pro. Or at least they are the models on which we have tangible and constant news about their existence.

There is not much news about a potential iPhone 15 Pro Max, but the last word belongs to Apple, who will confirm or deny all the rumors at its event.

For now, Mark Gurman assures that his informants have shared with him that the iPhone 15 will go on sale around September 22. And that the presentation event by Tim Cook and company would be on September 12 or 13.

If this is true, we are a few weeks away from confirming such a date for the conference.


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