When Apple introduced the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro, it put a lot of emphasis on one specific feature: accident detection. This feature, which is also available on the new Apple Watch Series 8, is a potentially life-saving development. Of course, during his presentation, Apple mentioned that he hoped that nobody would ever have to need it. As well, today a youtuber has tested it by crashing a vehicle.

How does accident detection work on iPhone 14? As its name indicates, the device is able to recognize the moment of a car accident. This is thanks to improved gyroscopes, microphones, and pressure sensors. Thus, the iPhone 14 can recognize when there has been a crash, and automatically call emergencies.


Today YouTube channel techrax has implemented this function. To do so, they took a car, placed an iPhone 14 inside it, and left colliding with other out-of-service vehicles. What has been the outcome?

iPhone 14 accident detection works, although it has a slight delay

In the video, we see how TechRax and his team have adapted the interior of the vehicle so that it can accelerate automatically. And so with an iPhone 14 taped to the back of the headrestthey have started their tests.

However, once the car collided with other vehicles, accident detection did not seem to activate. According to the youtuber, it took the iPhone 14 about 10 seconds to guess what had just happened, and automatically started the countdown to call emergencies. And all it took was one try.


Let’s remember that this countdown can be deactivated, a method that the members of the channel follow in their video. However, if someone loses consciousness after having an accident in your vehicle, this automatic iPhone 14 feature could save your life better than any other tool at the moment.

How accident detection works on the iPhone

iPhone 14 Pro, accident detectioniPhone 14 Pro, accident detection

“The iPhone notices, hears and assesses collisions”, this is how Apple explains this function in its Web. Also comment on how its accident detection works on the iPhone 14. There are several factors that the device takes into account, and they are the following:

  • sudden changes in speed. This is thanks to the new accelerometer that the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro incorporates. With the help of this component, the device can detect extreme accelerations or decelerations, reaching up to 256 g of force.
  • pressure changes in the cabin. Thanks to the barometer sensor included in the devices, it can detect when there is a change in pressure inside the vehicle when the airbags go off.
  • Sudden changes of direction. With the gyroscope, the iPhone 14 can detect when the vehicle has taken a turn that is too drastic.
  • Sound level when having an accident. While you drive, your iPhone picks up the sounds that are produced inside the vehicle, being able to interpret when there has been an extreme level of the same product of a collision. Everything is processed inside the iPhone, so nothing that your mobile listens to is shared with Apple or third parties.
  • Software support. Apple has developed algorithms that allow it to recognize front and rear collisions, side impacts and even rollovers. All this has been done based on real collision records, so that the detection is as accurate as possible.