Thursday, November 30, 2023

iOS 18 will be the turning point for Apple: smarter Siri and generative AI in apps

iOS 17 has not yet finished polishing some of its bugs after its recent launch and we already have the first rumors about iOS 18, which will presumably arrive next year. It was Mark Gurman himself who gave the first details in his weekly newsletter. Power On. Everything indicates that Apple It is going to take a 180º turn and it will be with iOS 18 when it embraces AI on your system, following in the wake of other mobile operating systems such as Android on the Pixel.

In this sense, according to Gurman at Apple working against the clock between the departments controlled by Federighi, Giannandrea and Eddy Cue, to integrate AI-powered features in Apple products and servicesand not only in iOS 18 itself, also making it extensible to the ecosystem.

Logically, one of the biggest beneficiaries will be iOS 18, which will include new functionalities with AI as the nerve center, although somewhat more limited to those of other operating systems. Gurman points out that we will see better response suggestions in messages, AI-generated Music playlistsand new creation options in Pages or Keynote, similar to those that Google presented for its cloud suite.

iOS 18: new Siri and advanced improvements using AI

However, the great improvement in AI would come from Siri, which has been behind the rest of the voice assistants for years. iOS 18 would bring with it a new, smarter version of Siri which would offer a higher level of compression and more advanced responses.

At the moment, Gurman has not mentioned anything about new AI photographic capabilities, as if Google has bet on its latest Pixel 8, offering some features that put it ahead in the photo editing market.

In addition to improvements in its operating systems, Apple is also working in new AI features in Xcode, focused on developers. Although there are no details, this could include advanced code suggestions similar to what Github Copilot offers.

According to Gurman, Apple will invest around a billion dollars a year in research and development of AI products to catch up with the rest of the major competitors that have invested heavily in this technology to offer new functionalities to the user.

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