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iOS 17 will let you turn your iPhone into a smart screen to display key information

As we get closer to WWDC 2023, leaks continue to emerge about some news to expect. Although it is true that the attention is focused on the mixed reality glasses, the software will also have an important space in the conference. In this sense, there is no doubt that the most expected is iOS 17. Well, Mark Gurman, from Bloomberganticipates one of the main functions that will be announced.

With iOS 16 and iPhone 14, Apple introduced the always-on display for the first time on its smartphone. This allows you to display some widgets permanently and without the need to unlock the terminal. With iOS 17, however, Apple wants to take it to the next level.

The next version of the operating system will offer the smart display mode. Once active, your iPhone will show information that is relevant to your day to day. For example, upcoming calendar events, reminders, weather data and notifications, among others

An interesting point is that, unlike the always-on display, smart display will work when you have the iPhone in landscape mode, thus achieving more space to expose more information. Therefore, you could place your mobile in a dock on your desktop so that those important data are always in view.

And speaking of the user experience, Mark Gurman points out that iOS 17’s smart screen mode will have a black background and text with a high brightness level. It is clear, then, that the only thing that matters is the value that this information can provide to your day. No unnecessary visual embellishments.

iOS 17, the first step in an ambitious plan

Beyond the contribution that the smart screen can have in iOS 17, this is part of an even bigger future plan. Over the past few years we have heard, from various reliable sources, that Apple plans to launch a speaker with a screenvery similar to proposals such as the Google Nest HUB or Amazon Echo 10.

Therefore, the smart screen of iOS 17 is just the first glimpse of a product that will arrive later.

Gurman’s report also mentions that Apple is also working on a smart display mode for the iPad. In fact, it might be more useful than the one on the iPhone. We must consider that the tablet has a larger panel and that there are a good number of accessories to facilitate its placement on surfaces and even walls. We can imagine the iPad deploying an information HUB in the kitchen, bedroom or out of meetings, for example.

Unfortunately, the development of the smart display for the iPad, always according to Gurman, is progressing slowly. At WWDC 2023 we will have to settle for the proposal present in iOS 17.

More iOS 17 news

Front of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus

The aforementioned medium ensures that iOS 17 will also bring with it Improvements in the Wallet app, which has certainly been somewhat forgotten in the most recent versions of the system. Likewise, there will be new features in location services and, best of all, a new application to manage a personal diary. It will be similar to Notes, but with social features to share moments with friends and family.

“The company is working on an update to SharePlay, its feature that lets users FaceTime while collaborating on apps, as well as AirPlay, which streams content from Apple devices to TVs and speakers. It has been in discussions with hotels and other venues that offer these devices, with the goal of making it easier for users to stream video and audio to products they don’t own,” adds Gurman.

Remember that the next 5th June the inaugural WWDC conference will be held at o’clock 7:00 p.m. in Spain and 11:00 a.m. in Mexico. Of course, in hypertextual we will have all the coverage.

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