Saturday, September 30, 2023

iOS 17 incorporates artificial intelligence into these useful features for iPhone and iPad

The new operating system for mobile devices comes with several functions that incorporate artificial intelligence. They slip between apps to which they add incredible utility and development, to make our daily lives easier.

It is true that Apple does not yet have an artificial intelligence, in the style of

However, the Cupertino giant does use machine learning mechanisms to optimize some of its functions. A report of applespherespecialists in everything that has to do with the bitten apple company, identifies the notorious integration of artificial intelligence in iOS 17.

Siri is one of the first to appear in the aforementioned media report. Apple’s virtual assistant can be trained to sound with our own voice. You only have to record about 150 phrases and wait for the same app to work for a day, so that later it works with your own tune.

The keyboard, although it looks simple, has a lot of machine learning in its system. The Applesfera report, which has already had access to iOS 17, indicates that it predicts texts and suggests words much more optimally than before.

Mental health: of utmost importance to Apple

Apple’s latest operating system includes an app on which you can track your mental health. Every day it asks you about your moods and records a history on which it advises you, depending on how you are. That is artificial intelligence.

So is what they did with Apple Music. There is a station from the company called “Por Descubrir”, which it recommends depending on what you are listening to. It learns your preferences and suggests you according to your choices.

For when the Apple chatbot?

Apple is in the testing stage of its own artificial intelligence (AI)-powered chatbot, known internally as “Apple GPT,” according to a Bloomberg report. Although the company has not yet defined its plans to launch this technology to the public, the development of this chatbot shows interest in venturing into the field of generative AI.

The Verge explains that Apple’s chatbot uses a large language model (LLM) framework called “Ajax”, which runs on the Google Cloud infrastructure and is built on top of Google JAX, a framework developed to accelerate learning research. automatic.

Various teams of engineers at Apple are working on the project, addressing privacy issues ahead of a possible release. However, the company does not yet have any solid plans to release the technology to the public. “because he still doesn’t know what to do with it”indicates the report.


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