Wednesday, September 27, 2023

iOS 17: 5 changes in the public beta that make it worth trying

The wait is over for fans of Manzana, since iOS 17 has taken an important step in its development by launching its long-awaited public beta. After several betas reserved exclusively for developers, this preview version open to any user is a clear indicator that the operating system has reached a sufficient level of progress to allow everyone to enjoy its new features.

While it’s important to note that installing a beta comes with risks and can affect device stability, we understand that many will be eager to try out iOS 17. Below, with information from applesphere, We present five compelling reasons to dare to explore this preliminary version.

The five changes in the iOS 17 beta

  • New contact cards on the iPhone: The most visual feature of iOS 17 is the new contact cards, which will now also appear during calls. This innovation is similar to a virtual “business card” that will be displayed before answering a call, and you can customize it with photos or memojis according to your preferences.
The new operating system presents some innovations.  (Special)
  • standby mode: Now your iPhone becomes a smart display when not in use, thanks to the new Standby mode. You will be able to view the clock, calendar, notes, reminders, and any other information that third-party developers may provide.
iOS 17.
  • Widget Improvements: Widgets in iOS 17 stop being simple shortcuts to open applications and become interactive controls. Now you will be able to perform functions without having to change the application, which will allow you to save time and improve your user experience. This feature will also be available in iPadOS 17 and macOS Sonoma.
iOS 17
  • iMessage improvements: Although WhatsApp and Telegram predominate in Spain, we cannot ignore the efforts made by iMessage to improve its platform. iOS 17 brings improved autocorrect tools, location sharing features for sensitive moments (like coming home late at night), and more versatility with stickers, along with a simplified interface. It’s worth a try.
iOS 17
  • Improved AirDrop: In iOS 17, AirDrop has undergone significant improvements. Now you can use it even when you’re away from the person you’re sharing files with. Additionally, new interactions have been introduced when bringing two iPhones closer together, making this a must-have feature that you’ll want to try right away.
iOS 17


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