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iOS 16.3 arrives next week and these are its news

Next week You can update your iPhone to iOS 16.3. This was confirmed by Apple indirectly in a Press release where they presented their new bands and spheres for the Apple Watch to celebrate Black History Month.

iOS 16.3 is a prerequisite for using the new Apple Watch faces and iPhone wallpaper that will be released next week. This is why it is expected that, at the latest, the new version of the operating system arrives next week along with these news. In this way, all users will be able to enjoy them from day one.

On the other hand, the devices that will be able to update to this new version are those already compatible with the base version of iOS 16. That is, iPhone 8 and later. In the meantime, in order to take advantage of the Unity face on Apple Watch, you’ll need to have an Apple Watch Series 4 or higher, and updated to watchOS 9.3.

As for the Unity wallpaper for the iPhone, any device running iOS 16.3 will be able to access it and set it from the home and lock screen settings.

Changes coming to iPhone with iOS 16.3

iOS 16 wallpaper

Although iOS 16.2 brought a good handful of new features to iPhone devices, iOS 16.3 does not present itself as a very drastic version in terms of changes. Apple has focused on bug fixes with this updateso we will probably see improvements in battery, performance and security, as usual in this type of patch.

  • among those we know, there is security key holder for Apple ID. That is, with iOS 16.3 you can use a physical device to function as your account password. Of course, although it may be more secure than a password on the Internet, it is necessary to be extremely careful not to lose it or leave it in an easily accessible site.
  • SOS Emergency receives changes in some words of its section in Settings. Nothing too deep a change more aesthetic than functional.
  • A redesign in the HomePod Handoff signal following the launch of the new second-generation HomePod. Thus, your iPhone with iOS 16.3 will be ready to receive your new speaker and prepare its correct configuration and subsequent use.

iOS 16 was released four months ago. The update was very well received by users, as it introduced new levels of customization that were unknown among iPhone users. However, it has had some operating problems, and updates like the one that is coming help polish the system and give a better experience to users.


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