Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Invasion of ultras in the derby: Espanyol asks “forgiveness to the world of football”

The image will remain for the memory. as unusual as unexpected and embarrassing. Dozens of ultras from Espanyol invaded the RCDE Stadium when the players from barca They celebrated the league title. The azulgranas fled in a hurry towards the changing room tunnel and the radicals ended up throwing objects and confronting the police forces.

“We want apologize to the world of football for the facts. It is not the image of Spanish, far from it, however minority it may be. These they do not represent our club and we will do everything possible to eradicate the events, which cannot happen in our stadium”, he valued Mao YeCEO of the blue and white entity.

“Isolated facts”

The leader explained that they had taken all the necessary security measures to avoid any conflict. “We are of the more strict in this type of prevention. We will review the deficiencies there may be,” Mao added.

The club also issued a official statement lamenting “the isolated events” at the end of the game. “Like parakeets defeat hurts us, but we will never accept violence, no matter how residual it may be”, he explained in his note.

Not a trace in the record

Espanyol added that it will use “all the resources” at its disposal to eradicate violence with full collaboration with the security forces “in everything they require”.

The referee Burgos Bengoetxea I was already in the locker room when the invasion took place and The record did not include anything. However, it is expected that the Mossos present a record of the incident and with the Sports Law it will be decided if there is a sanction or not.


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