Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Interpol appealed to the public for the murder of 22 unidentified women

For the first time, the Interpol police force appealed to the public to identify 22 women who were murdered in 3 different countries between 1976 and 2019, but whose identities are unknown.

Interpol, the international police force based in France, applied for the help of the public for 22 women who were murdered in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany between 1979-2019, but whose identity could not be found. Interpol launched the Identify Me Operation for identification by sharing the robot pictures of 22 women and the physical features, accessories, clothes and videos of each woman on its website.

Celebrities WERE INVOLVED In the promotional video of the operation, actress Carice van Houten, who starred in the Game of Thrones TV series, actress Veerle Baetens, musical artists S10 and Axelle Red, boxing champion Regina Halmich and sport correspondent Katrin Müller-Hohenstein. The promotional campaign included Carice van Houten’s words: “Many of the 22 victims were brutally murdered and some were abused or starved before they died. The women have not yet been identified, partly because they are from countries other than where they were found. Their bodies were left in our countries to hinder forensic investigations. likely.” NAMES ARE THE KEY TO MANY MYSTERIOUS MURDERES Suspecting that some of the murdered women came from certain parts of Eastern Europe, Interpol emphasized that identification could also provide evidence about the murderers. “In similar investigations, the identification of the victim ultimately led to the arrest of a suspect,” said Anja Allendorf of the German police. Belgian police underlined that they especially wanted to find the names of women, and stated that this played a key role in unraveling many mysterious murders.


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