Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Instagram will have its own Twitter and it will arrive sooner than you think

That Goal works at an alternative to Twitter based on InstagramIt is a rumor that has been circulating for a long time. However, everything indicates that the new platform is not only real, but it would be released to the public sooner than expected. So says a report Bloombergwhich reveals new details of the social network.

The aforementioned medium indicates that, although the rival of Twitter developed by Meta will be based on Instagram, it will work independently. That is to say, will have a separate app. For now, it is not mentioned what name it would bear and in the leaked materials it is only mentioned as “the new text-based app for Instagram conversations”.

Certainly, the Menlo Park firm’s marketing and design teams must be working to give it a friendlier, more appealing name. But what is truly interesting is that Instagram would already be testing it with celebrities and influencers. It is even mentioned that the tests have been carried out in secret for months, with a view to a launch in the middle of this year.

It’s more, Bloomberg collects that the new alternative to Twitter could debut as early as June. If so, we are talking about an imminent release.

An interesting element to highlight is that, although the new social network would work with its own app, it would allow users to connect with already existing Instagram accounts. But the newest thing is that It would also be compatible with other decentralized alternatives to Twitter, such as Mastodon. This means that other people could find us or follow us from different apps.

Twitter’s new rival based on Instagram could arrive in June

According to a screenshot —somewhat pixelated— that he shared lia haberman through your newsletter ICYMIthe new social network based on Instagram would offer a feed similar to Twitter. Regarding the content of the publications, users could share messages of up to 500 characterswith text, links, images and videos of up to 5 minutes.

Of course, interactions with post of other users would not be missing, being able to respond, like or republish them. And special emphasis would also be placed on security and privacy features. For example, accounts blocked on Instagram would remain restricted in this new service, and the blocking of certain words would also be maintained. On the other hand, you can report spam, prevent mentions or responses from certain people, etc.

Also, by being able to connect with an existing Instagram account, not only would the username be kept and the bio description imported, but we would also be able to sync our existing followers.

An important fact that Haberman mentions is that, apparently, In principle there would be no stipulated monetization plan for the new platform. This could mean that, at least initially, it is ad-free. Something that will surely go down very well among those who are not lovers of sponsored content.

If all goes as expected, in a few weeks we could be getting our hands on “the Twitter of Instagram.” It will be interesting to see what it offers, if it is attractive to conventional Instagram users, and if it manages to differentiate itself from other alternatives to the bird’s social network already available, such as Mastodon, Bluesky or Notes.

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