Monday, September 25, 2023

Instagram: What is the new ‘Silent Mode’ and how to activate it

The new ‘Silent Mode’ seeks to provide a period of time without distractions Instagram users so they can focus on other tasks without being interrupted by notifications or direct messages.

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The user’s activity profile will display the new statusand during the time it is activated, you will not receive notifications and direct messages will get an automatic response, as the company explains on its official blog.

The company has designed this new mode for all users of the social network, but it seeks to influence adolescent users above all, who will be urged to activate it when the application detects that they have been using it at night for some time.

This Silent Mode is available from Thursday on United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada Australia and New Zealand.

Another novelty of Instagram is directed to the management of recommendations. Specific, Users will be able to indicate in Explore that a post is not of interest to them, which will prevent similar content from being displayed. They can also block their appearance using keywords, emoji or ‘hashtags’ from the privacy settings.

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For parents and guardians, the company has updated parental controls so that they can see the adjustments that their teenagers make, and receive notifications every time a change is made, and check the list of accounts that they have blocked.


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