Friday, September 22, 2023

Instagram Threads plummet: there are almost no active users left on the social network

The success of Instagram Threads, the social network owned by Meta that was born as an alternative to Twitter, has been short-lived. According to data from the analysis portal Similarweb, the number of active users of the platform has decreased considerably during the last month. Now there are only 10.3 million daily active users left on Android since last August 7.

This supposes a nearly 80% drop in daily active users since last July 7, when only 49.3 million daily active users were reported on the platform. Let’s remember that Meta celebrated a record in mid-June, reaching 100 million users in just five days from the launch of the application.

In any case, the decline in the success of Instagram Threads is not something that comes as a surprise. The social network has been losing users since July, where the company reported a drop of more than half the number of users. Despite this, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, stressed that this loss is something “normal” in a new social network. He admitted, yes, that although user retention was higher than expected, it was not ideal.

Meta tries to retain users on Instagram Threads

For the moment, and as revealed ReutersMeta is working on ways to make the few users who continue to use Instagram Threads continue in the app. The company plans to do so, specifically, with new features that could also serve as a hook for other users. Among them, a desktop version or a new search option.

They also plan to make small improvements to features already available on Instagram Threads with the same goal: retain users. One of them is to make it possible for people who are browsing the app to see important threads.

It is too early to tell if these changes will help prevent Instagram Threads from losing more and more users. However, there is no doubt that the success of the application has been conditioned by the temporary changes that Elon Musk has been making on Twitter. Mainly, for the one that only allowed you to see a limited number of tweets. They are, we reiterate, eventual changes have angered many Internet users. But these have not turned out to be decisive for them to permanently abandon the app in search of other alternatives.

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