Saturday, September 30, 2023

Instagram: This is how you can create an Avatar within the platform

Since Facebook was renamed Meta, the company has jointly announced a series of new features that aim to integrate users into the Metaverse that it is developing.

Part of these new functions that are available on Instagram is to create an avatar, that is, a personalized digital illustration with your characteristics to represent you within the app.

At the moment it is not available to all users, and the selection criteria remain a mystery on Instagram’s part. But, if you are one of the lucky ones, Well, continue reading that you will continue the step by step.

Create an avatar on Instagram

Instagram -> Settings -> Account -> Avatars

Another option to create the first avatar is to open the Stories camera, choose the stickers icon and in the search engine write “Avatars” or “Avatars”.

  • At that moment it will allow us to create the character to our liking, choosing characteristics that go from the facial features, body, through the clothes in successive steps, very similar to the process that is carried out in FacebookMessenger.
  • If we click on the mirror icon, an image of the selfie camera will open and there we can compare ourselves with the avatar that we designed.
  • When you finish you must click on “Done”.

What will Instagram Avatars be used for?

So far Meta has not reported what benefits users who create Avatar will receive. However, it is possible that in the future it will be used to accompany publications and history of Facebook and Instagram, also WhatsApp chats in the form of Stickers.


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