Sunday, June 4, 2023

Instagram shamelessly copies BeReal with its new feature

BeReal, the app that was born as a more “real” alternative to the more traditional social networks, is no longer as popular as before. Its mechanics, however, continue to interest its competition, and proof of this is the new feature Instagram is working on. According to the Twitter user matt navarrathe social network run by Adam Mosseri is allowing some users to test the ability to post “spontaneous” stories that only those who also upload one can see.

Instagram describes this new feature as “a new way to see random moments from your friends’ daily lives” and it works, in particular, much like BeReal. First of all, the app will send a daily notification at a random time to everyone. Users will then have up to 5 minutes to simultaneously capture what they are doing with the front and rear cameras.

It will not be possible to see the “spontaneous” -this is what Instagram calls the publications made with this function- of the rest of the people, until the user also uploads theirs. These, in addition, will disappear until receiving the notification of the following day. Users will be able to see the “spontaneous” of their friends from a specific section in the section of the Storiesas displayed by the user Diego Poffi in a tweet.

Instagram could definitely put an end to BeReal if the “spontaneous” ones are well received.

Instagram, yes has not detailed when this feature will be globally available. The feature also appears to be in the testing phase for a limited number of users. Therefore, and depending on the feedback, the social network could roll it out to more people or, instead, abandon the feature.

This, on the other hand, is not the only novelty of Instagram inherited from BeReal. The social network owned by Meta also allows upload stories with the front and rear cameras simultaneously.

If Instagram finally decides to expand this feature, it would be a very hard blow for BeRealwhose number of downloads has decreased considerably in recent months, according to data from Sensor Tower. BeReal tries to survive with a single function: to publish one image a day for a maximum time of two minutes. The platform of French origin, however, has recently launched an additional feature. Those who have a Spotify account —and who sync it with the app— can show what they are listening to at that moment along with the published BeReal.

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