Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Instagram prepares new functions to detect images generated by Artificial Intelligence

instagram would be about to implement an interesting series of improvements where it would use the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) precisely to detect those images that were created through this kind of platforms among many other new functions.

For some months we have seen how the Generative AI of text and images came to shake the order and dynamics of multiple sectors, particularly among the community dedicated to graphic arts and design.

Where systems like DALL-E and midjourney they are capable of making visual pieces in a matter of seconds, when a human with a technical command of current software and tools could take hours if not days of work.

We remember how in October 2022 we began to learn the first details of the , where we saw the first and promising results of what we know today as Generative Filling.

This is a function that little by little is becoming something as essential as it is revolutionary, where Artificial Intelligence takes care of expanding the frames of cropped images to be able to manipulate them at will.

It is refreshing, without a doubt, but this state of progress with technology also opens a serious point of debate, where these graphic tools can be used for unethical or disinformation purposes.

Meta knows this and is about to implement some important changes.

Instagram will detect when an image was created using Artificial Intelligence

It turns out that the application researcher Alessandro Paluzziyou have used your official account on X (formerly Twitter) to leak a series of screenshots of a supposed series of new features for Instagram, where we would see how Meta is working on the future implementation of tools powered by Artificial Intelligence to improve the user experience in the application.

For example, the platform would work on creating a function to generate labels that would help users distinguish between 1000% real photos and those that have been generated by AI. This new tool would help to know what content is real and what is artificially generated, thus helping to combat misinformation and false news:

In the same way, the platform would take advantage of the potential of generative AI to integrate new additional options in the photo editing interface, helping to polish the portraits to optimize some details before their publication in the feed or as Stories.

In the leaked screenshots, for example, we see the presence of a new tool called Restylewhich would allow users to transform their images into any visual style they request.

there would also be a AI Brush, which would be used to patch or fill details in the background. Which would be of great help to the perfectionist community.

The screenshots look real. So it would be a matter of waiting for Meta and Instagram to confirm everything.


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