Friday, September 22, 2023

Instagram now allows you to add up to five links to your profile

The days of “click the link to learn more” could be over very soon in instagram. mark zuckerberg advertisement that will allow adding up to five links in user profiles, an alternative for those who promote content that is outside the platform. The new functionality will prevent people from leaving the social network, since the link will be displayed within the application.

According to Zuckerberg, the feature to add more than one link in the profile It is one of the most requested features by users. Content creators constantly update their profile link to redirect their followers to external websites. This It has never been well seen on Instagramwho for years fought with Linktree to prevent them from offering their service on the social network.

Adding links on Instagram is relatively easy and only requires tapping the button Edit profile which is located under your user profile. Once inside we will select the option links and we will add each one by entering the URL and the name it will bear. The links can be organized by dragging them with your finger within the list, a necessary option, since the profile only shows one (the one at the top) and an access that opens an additional screen to view them.

Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that the new feature will be available for all personal and business accounts. As with other features of the platform, the rollout will take place gradually. If you still cannot add more than one link to your profile, it may not have been enabled in your country yet.

External links are a headache for Instagram

Although Instagram allows you to add links in the user profile, such a basic feature has never been to your liking. The platform, like many social networks, they seek to retain users as long as possible. That is why the arrival of services like Linktree fell like a bucket of cold water and soon became a headache for managers.

Instagram suspended the use of Linktree in 2018, arguing that it violated the community rules. The decision caused thousands of users to express their discontent, which led to a public apology from Instagram and the restoration of the service. Years later, Twitter took a similar path and banned its use, as well as links to other social networks.

Times change and platforms have to adapt or die. Instagram’s decision comes late and cannot be taken as a “we listen to what our users want”, since the company is a specialist in ignoring its community. The new feature is also not very flashy when compared to other services.

Although Instagram allows you to add five links to your profile, it does not let you customize them like Linktree or Beacons. Links open in embedded browser, which has been shown to be a danger to the privacy of users. The only advantage of this feature is that it is free, although using it will cause you to zucks collect an indiscriminate amount of information from your followers without their consent.

As an additional fact, the official Meta account on Instagram uses Linktree, and not its own function.

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