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Instagram is inspired by Twitter and is already testing a verified feed

instagram has taken another play from Twitter’s book to implement in its mobile app. The social network experiments with a verified feed, which will show you content from accounts with a blue badge. Unlike Elon Musk’s failed offering, this feature It does not replace the normal feed and is completely optional.

According to Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, the verified feed is an alternative to discover more content creators and business. This feature can be used as an additional filter to display personalities or accounts that pay for Meta Verified. The service offers a check blue, exclusive stickers (like Twitch), additional protection to prevent impersonation, as well as personalized support service.

The Instagram Verified Feed It will be located in the same section as your favorites and people you follow. The application will continue to display the screen with algorithm recommendations by default. If you want to try any of the other options you will have to tap the Instagram logo in the upper left corner to activate it.

This feature is in beta phase, although it is unknown in which regions or what group of people it will cover. In a question and answer session, Mosseri mentioned that All Instagram features are thoroughly tested before being released to make sure they work and provide value to users. Instagram is one of the applications that generates the most income for Meta, so its launches are gradual.

Until a few years ago, the Instagram verification badge was limited to famous people or prominent accounts. With the launch of Twitter Blue, Meta was forced to respond and launched Meta Verified, a service that offered the check blue to whoever would pay a monthly fee.

Meta Verified is available for Instagram and Facebook users. To be eligible, the account owner must be over 18 years old and have an official identification that matches the name and photo used on Meta social networks. This step is essential, since the system makes sure it is you and not a person pretending to be you.

Meta Verified, the verified program for Instagram and Facebook

Among the additional benefits to the blue badge we find Proactive protection against phishing attempts. There is also a direct support system to resolve common problems with your account. Goal seems to focus his support service for those who pay for verificationsince the conventional user can spend weeks before resolving a problem in their account.

Lastly, membership offers stickers to use in your stories and reels from Facebook or Instagram. This option is similar to what we see on other platforms, such as Twitch. Subscribers will also have 100 monthly stars to donate to their favorite creator.-

The subscription to Meta Verified has a monthly cost of $12 for those who subscribe on the web, or $15 if you do it from the application. The only drawback is that the membership is individual, so you will have to pay double if you want to have the blue badge on Instagram and Facebook.

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