Saturday, December 2, 2023

Instagram imitates Facebook and finally allows commenting with GIF animations

instagram is a hugely popular social network that has managed to remain under the ownership and domain of Meta without becoming what it is now. Facebook twitter and other platforms of the same generation that are not going through their best moment of popularity and neatness.

Over the last few months, maybe years, we’ve seen how the team behind the site has been incorporating some changes, both in its interface and in its design, to improve everyone’s experience and make it more secure.

We recently witnessed how Goal He gave a relative stumble among his own community by trying to implement a charging system for identity verification, in the purest style of this new era of Twitter under the control of Elon Musk.

But outside of that, in general, we can say that Instagram is a site relatively free from the problems of interference, privacy violations and excessive charging that we have seen with its competitors.

That is appreciated, just like the most recent series of changes that have just been confirmed, where we finally have a more robust and updated social network.

Instagram now integrates GIF animations for comments

Through his official blog The Meta team introduced a series of new features for Instagram that will help creators express their creativity and earn more from their Reels content. These functions focus on how to make interaction on the network more attractive.

For this reason, significant weight has been given to the integration of GIF animations in the comments section, in true Facebook style. Where users can respond with these types of images. This is how they describe it on their own site:


GIF Comments on Posts and Reels: Whether you’ve just seen a funny Reel or want to show your love on a friend’s new post, you can now post a GIF as a comment on Instagram!

This is a fun way to interact with posts and videos from your friends and favorite creators, and now it’s available worldwide.”

New features outlined in the post include animated GIF comments on posts and Reels, Instagram giveaways, and new editing features in Reels. All were actually announced at a product education workshop at the Mumbai office, which was attended by various creators to learn tips and tricks on using Instagram.

Comments with GIF animations will allow users to post these reactions as a comment on a post or a Reel, using the GIPHY library, so it will be basically the same as on Facebook.

But perhaps the most interesting thing is that the announcement was made at the same time that the function was released, which is already available globally. You just have to download the most recent version of the app and wait for it to gradually be enabled in your region.


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