Thursday, June 1, 2023

Instagram: how to check if a stranger has entered your account

Over the years instagram it has managed to position itself as one of the most innocuous-looking social networks, with a low rate of fake news circulation, little hate speech, and relatively bearable spam.

Looking at the balances of other platforms such as TikTok or Twitter, this photography and video social network remains a more than friendly territory. Although it reminds us more and more of the old Facebook, particularly when we perceive the presence of its algorithm.

Ultimately, Instagram is a platform that is part of the Meta ecosystem and in recent years we have seen how Mark Zuckerberg’s company has implemented some behind-the-scenes changes to fully integrate this social network with Facebook.

One of those that have been crucial in this process of change is the new Account Center, where everything related to the interconnection between both sites and particularly between their authentication credentials is condensed.

Before, it was relatively easy to enter the Instagram settings menu to quickly check active sessions and find out if someone was spying on our account or not. But now it has become much more complicated. Here we tell you where that option was hidden.

How to use the Instagram Account Center to see if a stranger has access to your account

The steps to follow are very easy:

  • Open Instagram in a web browser and sign in.
  • Select the Profile option in the left sidebar and click or tap the gear icon at the top of the Instagram profile page to expand the Settings menu.
  • We will see there multiple options. There we must choose the option of Settings and privacy.
  • At the top of this section we should see the Account Center section as the first option.
  • We enter there and go to Password and Security.
  • Below the list of options we will find the Security Controls section.
  • There we tap on “Where you started session”.
  • When entering there we will see a list of all the active sessions of our Instragram account.
  • Once there it will be a matter of checking that they all correspond to our devices.
  • Those active sessions that should not be valid can be closed from there.

In the same way, we always recommend keeping the login flaps and two-step verification active.


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