Friday, September 22, 2023

Instagram finally allows you to see Reels and stories in chronological order

The entry into force of the Digital Services Law (DSA) brings new changes to the operation of the main social networks in Europe. On this occasion, it was the turn of instagramWhich will allow turn off your content recommendation algorithms in its main sections.

What does this mean? That, henceforth, the users they will only be able to see Reels and stories from the accounts they follow and in chronological order, from newest to oldest. This was explained by Nick Clegg, president of Global Affairs at Meta, through the company’s official blog.

But this is not all, since the search within Instagram will also be affected by the deactivation of the algorithms. According to those from Menlo Park, from now on people will see results directly related to the words they enter in the search engine, without any type of personalization based on the content previously seen or their interests.

It is worth mentioning that these DSA-related changes are not exclusive to Instagram, but they also apply to Facebook. In addition, the new options are practically identical to those that TikTok announced for its users in the old continent. Let’s not forget that the ByteDance video app also promised that its algorithm would be optional for use in Europe to benefit from the provisions of the new legislation.

Instagram and Facebook will stop showing content selected by their algorithms

That Meta incorporates the option of not showing content from Instagram and Facebook ranked for their algorithms, it does not mean that it arrives activated by default. From how the ad is phrased, everything indicates that users will have to disable the algorithms manually.

In any case, it is still a very important announcement and one that will surely help make the experience with these platforms more friendly. Instagram has been the subject of controversy on several occasions in the past due to the operation of its algorithms. Especially, due to the invasiveness of the recommended content based on the behavior of the users in the app. But also due to other truly alarming situations, such as the promotion of networks of users linked to pedophilia.

It is true that Instagram decided to bring back the chronological order for the publications in its feed major. However, more than a year later, this option is still not available to all its users. Also, the feature didn’t completely remove content that the social network might consider relevant to you, even if it was from unfollowed accounts.

New guidelines set out by the Digital Services Act (DSA) will now allow, at least in Europe, those who claim to only view Reels and stories from their followers, or have a purer experience with the platform, they can achieve it.

“It is critical that the DSA now maintain its primacy over existing and new national laws, to protect the clarity it has created for services, maintaining consistency in how tech companies are held accountable, and preserving the harmonious way in which people are experiencing our platforms across the region.”

Nick Clegg, president of Global Affairs at Meta.

It is worth mentioning that, from now on, Instagram and Facebook will also will simplify their tools for reporting illegal or harmful content. And more information will also be offered when the functions of an account are limited, or when certain content is censored for violating local laws.

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