Saturday, December 9, 2023

Instagram finally adds the function that all users asked for

Instagram has been quite frantic for a few months in terms of small news. Since its CEO regularly makes public the new features the company is working onthe rate of news only increases.

Although the final direction that the company wants to take with the Reels is still not clear, we have seen how ideas have been coming from other social networks.

Your own version of BeReal or new message statuses are two of the most recent options that have taken users by surprise. However, the new Instagram novelty is somewhat simpler, but one that users have been asking for for a long time.

Basically, it is something that has been available in other apps for some time, even from Facebook itself, but which was not available on Instagram.

GIFs and automatic song lyrics on Instagram

As confirmed by Adam Mosseri himself in a conversation on Instagram Channels with the CEO of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, the social network has announced the arrival of the GIFs to the post. In this way, and from now on, Instagram users will finally be able to comment on posts with GIFs.

This is an important change in the dynamics of the posts and, above all, in the threads of conversations, since until now it was quite simple and limited to one answer within each comment.

It is not the only novelty that will arrive on Instagram. Mosseri has confirmed that Instagram is also testing song lyrics in Reels, an option that has been available for a long time in Instagram Stories. However, this function would be something different: it would use the automatic subtitles system that Meta introduced in 2021.

Judging from the screenshot the CEO shared, a timeline would be included at the bottom of the interface for you to see. the user synchronizes the subtitles correctly.

While the commenting feature with GIFs will reach users immediately, there is still no date for the lyrics option in the Reels, but it shouldn’t take long to arrive. What remains unrecorded is the iPad version of Instagram.

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