Friday, December 8, 2023

Instagram copies one of the best features of iOS 17

Instagram is copying one of the latest features that Apple introduced in iOS 17 and which, in fact, can be especially useful for those who like to create original content on the social network. As revealed Engadgetthe platform is working on a feature that will allow generate stickers using AI.

The feature, confirmed by Adam Mosseri himself, head of Instagram, is currently in the testing phase, but is likely to be officially expanded in the coming weeks. Consists of the Possibility of creating stickers from photos that the user has in their gallery through the app. Afterwards, the user can use these stickers to place them on a reel or in one of their stories.

According to the demonstration that Mosseri made, the user will only have to access a new option that will appear on Instagram and click on the generate stickers button. Using artificial intelligence, the application will crop the subject quite precisely, thus eliminating the background and any elements. Interestingly, the head of Instagram also said that Users will be able to create stickers of “eligible images they see on Instagram”although he did not give more details about it.

This is something that we can already do directly from iOS through iMessage or through the gallery itself. You just need to hold down on the subject and wait for the system to do the cropping.

Instagram will also allow you to create polls in the comments

The possibility of creating stickers on Instagram is not the only function that the social network is testing. The Meta-owned platform is also working on a new option for generate polls in the comments of posts. In this way, users will be able to generate greater interaction in the posts of their friends or family.

Polls in the comments They will work in a similar way to the one we can activate in Instagram stories, although with some differences. It is possible, for example, to see the number of people who voted in the survey, not just the percentage of votes. As in stories, votes will be completely anonymous.

AI Instagram stickers, as well as surveys, we reiterate, are currently available to a small number of users. Instagram has confirmed that at least the polls feature will be coming to everyone in the coming weeks.

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