Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Inflation in France rises to 5.9% in April due to energy

The consumer price index (CPI) in France It rose to 5.9% in April, due to an acceleration in energy, while the rise in food moderated, the National Institute of Statistics (Insee) indicated this Friday.

The data, which confirms the first estimate, means a increase of inflation of two tenths with respect to the previous month, since in March the CPI had grown by 5.7%.

At the base of that acceleration There is energy, which became more expensive by 6.8%, compared to 4.9% in March, with a special rise in gasoline prices, while gas moderated its rise, which was of 22.9%compared to 35.6% the previous month.

They also grew prices of services, 3.2% in interannual terms, when they had risen 2.9% in March.

The increase of the food slowed down, since they increased by 15% in twelve months in April, nine tenths less than in the previous month, mainly due to the slowdown in the rise in prices. products fresh, 10.6% after 17.1%.

The products manufactured they became more expensive by 4.6%, two tenths less than in March.

Core inflation, which does not include the most volatile elements that are the energy and food, it was 6.3% in April, one tenth more than in the previous month.

Regarding the harmonized CPI, which allows comparing scale European, was 6.9%, two tenths more.


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