Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Inflation in France accelerates to 5.9% in April, two tenths more

The inflation The interannual rate in France has accelerated to 5.9% in April, two tenths more than in March, mainly due to energy prices and partly also due to services.

The pull of the foodfor its part, has moderated in April, with 14.9% year-on-year, compared to 15.9% in March, explained the Statistics National Institute (Insee), which published this month’s provisional results on Friday.

The slowdown of food has to do with fresh products, which between April 2022 and the same month of 2023 became more expensive by 10.2%, when that increase had been of 17.1% at the end of March.

The rest of the foods, on the other hand, have risen a 15.8%that is, one tenth more.

the main factor Inflationary in April has been energy, with a rise of 7% in one year, compared to 4.9% a month ago due to the effect of an increase in the barrel of oil.

The services They have also accelerated their rise, although within other parameters: to 3.2%, compared to 2.9% at the end of March.

For their part, the products manufactured goods have gone from an increase of 4.8% at the end of March to 4.7% at the end of April.


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