Thursday, September 21, 2023

Infantino, President of FIFA: “With men and with FIFA, they will find the doors open”

Gianni Infantinothe president of the FIFA assured that in this world Cup “more than 524 million euros in income” have been generated and that if women choose the “right fights” they can “convince us men about what we should do” to achieve progress in women’s football.

At the second FIFA women’s soccer convention, which was held in Sydney before the end of the world tournament, Infantino assured that women must “push the door” to equality.

“With the men and with FIFA, they will find the doors open. They just have to push them. Keep up the momentum, keep dreaming and let’s go for full equality. We are going in the direction of equal pay in the World Cup. But that would not solve anything because it is once every four years and there are a few players compared to the thousands and thousands that there are. We don’t just need equal pay at the World Cup,” he explained.

“This World Cup generated more than 524 million euros in revenue, so we have reached the break-even point. We lost no money and generated the second highest revenue of any sport, other than the men’s World Cup, globally,” Infantino said.

There is still a big difference in prize money between the men’s and women’s tournaments, despite the record of 100 million euros in this World Cupis still a long way from the 400 million offered to the teams in last year’s men’s final in Qatar.

“This World Cup has been truly transformative, not just in Australia and New Zealand, but around the world. In the host countries, we had almost two million spectators in the stadiumsfull stadiums everywhere, and two billion watching all over the world, not just watching their own country but watching the World Cup,” he explained.

Infantino also emphasized the criticism received before the World Cup: “FIFA was right. By increasing the number of participants, eight teams made their debut in the tournament and many countries aspire to play a World Cup. Now, everyone has the opportunity to shine before an international audience,” he said.

“They said that there would be scores of 15-0 and that this would be bad for women’s football and its image. As is often the case in recent years, FIFA was right. Once again,” said the FIFA president.

On the other hand, he defended the idea that much remains to be done, and urged FIFA partners to contribute: “We need the whole world to participate. We need the UN agencies. We need governments and institutions to create specific spaces for women, for women’s sports. We need the economic contribution of partners and sponsors to be fair. We need the media,” Infantino said.


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