Monday, December 11, 2023

India urges FIFA to lift ban

Football’s apex governing body FIFA has banned India from international football due to third-party interference. As a result, the South Asian powerhouse will not be able to participate in the upcoming SAFF Championship football tournament. The Indian Football Federation has requested FIFA to lift the ban.

Originally, the AIFF said in a statement that they have already resolved the issue that led to the ban. Along with that, a new election has also been ordered. The Indian Football Federation has appealed to FIFA to oversee these things.

In a statement they said, ‘Our Supreme Court has canceled the previous committee. And said, all the activities of the federation will be managed by the newly elected committee. Elections will also be held very soon.’

Meanwhile, the women’s SAFF Championship football tournament is going to start from September 6. India will not be able to participate in this South Asian competition if the ban is not lifted.

(24 August/MM)


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