Tuesday, December 5, 2023

India-Pakistan will play the semi-final! Who made such an impossible prediction?

India’s arch-rival Pakistan is not in a good position in the World Cup. At the moment, Babar Azmara is at the fifth place in the points table. On the other hand, India is in second place. The team led by Rohit Sharma won all 6 matches played.

Currently, South Africa is at the top of the points table. They won 6 out of 7 matches. India will face Sri Lanka in Mumbai today at 2.30 pm on Thursday. If they win this match, they will top Africa and go to the top of the points table again.

As a result India and South Africa semi-final is confirmed. Two more teams are needed. Australia and New Zealand are leading the race. These two teams are number three and four respectively in the points table. After that Babar Azam’s Pakistan is at number 5.

If this team is to make it to the semi-finals, they need to win both of their remaining matches. On the other hand either Australia or New Zealand must lose each of their remaining matches. Australia have three games and New Zealand two games ahead.

In this case, if Pakistan wins the remaining two matches, then their points will be 10. On the other hand, if Australia wins one of the remaining three matches, they will also get 10 points, and if New Zealand wins one of the remaining two matches, they will also get 10 points.

If this happens, then the two teams who will be ahead in run rate between Australia-New Zealand-Pakistan will play the semi-finals with India and South Africa. But this equation is not possible at all according to cricket experts.

Because, Pakistan has a game in front of two strong teams New Zealand and England. Can they win both? The question arises. Because Babar Azam’s country is not in a very good form.

Australia will play the remaining three matches against England, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. Australia has a strong chance of winning two of these matches. With the way Australia have returned to form, a three-match win would not be a surprise.

Meanwhile, New Zealand’s remaining two matches will be against Pakistan and Sri Lanka. If they win a match, they will be far ahead in the semi race. As a result, it appears that Australia and New Zealand’s path to the semis is much easier. But very difficult for Pakistan.

However, a former cricketer has predicted that Pakistan, Babar Azmara will play the semi-final with India at the Eden Garden in Kolkata! He is former English captain and batsman Michael Vaughan.

Vaughn tweeted, ‘Does anyone think the India vs Pakistan semi-final match will be played in Kolkata?’

However, Pakistan’s former speed star Shoaib Akhtar does not agree with Vaughn. He wrote back, ‘These things have ruined us before, Vaughan.’ Supporting Shoaib, netizens also commented that it is impossible for Pakistan to play the semi-finals in this World Cup.

(02 November/AJ)


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