Friday, September 22, 2023

India-Pakistan duel over venue, decided after March

The 22nd Asia Cup was scheduled to be held in Pakistan but India refused to play there. The problem started from then. Then it became known that the fight for the supremacy of Asia will not be in Pakistan for India. And no decision will come till March.

Senior officials of the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) sat in Bahrain to discuss the venue complications of the upcoming Asia Cup. Conclusion No decision was reached in this discussion. Therefore, it is said that a new decision can be made in the ICC meeting in March. But that too cannot be confirmed yet.

An official of the Indian board told the media, ‘Constructive discussions were held in the presence of all countries. The announcement of the organizers has been postponed until March. But it can be said for sure that India will not go to Pakistan in any way. So the competition itself will be shifted. If Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma do not play in such competitions, no sponsors will come.’

Meanwhile, the United Arab Emirates is ahead in organizing the upcoming Asia Cup. This information is available after a discussion between BCCI Secretary Jai Shah and Pakistan Cricket Board Chairman Najam Shetty.

(05 Feb/MM)


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