Monday, January 30, 2023

Inclusion, axis of the Ibero-American Gender Conference of Santo Domingo

The necessary relationship between inclusion and democracy, equality and the empowerment of women are some of the issues that will be addressed on Thursday and Friday in Santo Domingo at the IV Ibero-American Gender Conference.

More than a decade after the last meeting of this type was held in 2011 in Asunción, the Dominican capital will host a meeting in which many of the debates between ministerial representatives and experts will focus on the importance of inclusion in different orders, such as institutions or democracy.

In fact, the motto of this event is “Towards an inclusive, democratic and sustainable Ibero-America”.

These days will also pay attention to issues such as sustainability, the prevention of gender violence, the gender gap, the need for economic autonomy and the role of women in building more just and democratic societies.

Likewise, the importance of women’s participation in decision-making at all levels will be addressed.

During this conference, a declaration will be approved to be presented to the Heads of State and Government for the Ibero-American Summit to be held on March 24 and 25 in Santo Domingo under the slogan “Together for a fair and sustainable Ibero-America ”.

Tomorrow the Dominican Minister for Women, Mayra Jiménez, as host, will be in charge of opening the meeting, accompanied among others by the Ibero-American Secretary General, Andrés Allamand.

In addition, during these days of debates, the Secretary of State for Equality and Against Gender Violence of Spain, Ángela Rodríguez; the former vice president of Costa Rica Epsy Campbell and the regional director of UN Women for Latin America and the Caribbean, María Noel Vaeza, among other participants.

Although in Ibero-America there have been important advances in terms of women’s rights, there are still very important challenges ahead, as the Dominican Minister Jiménez stressed today in an interview with EFE.

Among these challenges is violence against women, an issue of special importance in a country like the Dominican Republic, which is among the most dangerous in Latin America for women.

According to a report by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (Cepal), in 2021 at least 4,473 femicides were registered in twenty-nine countries in the region.

The highest rates of femicide per 100,000 women were registered in Honduras, with 4.6 cases, the Dominican Republic (2.7), El Salvador (2.4), Bolivia (1.8) and Brazil (1.7 cases).

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