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In the Dominican Republic there were 10 daily earthquakes in 2021

The earthquakes They seem to be the order of the day. Yes ok Dominican Republic It has not been the victim of any significant telluric movement – economically – in recent years, it does not imply that it exempts this phenomenon of nature.

In fact, by 2021, the National Seismological Institute recorded some 3,768 earthquakes, so that, on average, 10 earthquakes were generated per day. The Seismology Center is more specific and punctual. They indicate that 745 seismic events were registered in the country (in 2022) with magnitudes greater than 3.0 through its stations belonging to the seismic network of the National Geological Service.

“In 2022, the months with the greatest seismic activity were January, February and August, each with 96 earthquakes greater than 3.0, while the one with the least seismic activity was November with 33,” they detail. The largest felt earthquake was 5.3 on October 1 at 1:31:42 pm It had an epicenter 6.7 km north of Ramón Santana in the province of San Pedro de Macoris.

As detailed in a report prepared by the National Statistics Office (ONE), an earthquake is the sudden movement of the earth caused by the release of energy accumulated over a long time. “Usually these movements are slow and imperceptible, but in some the displacement releases energy, when one of the plates moves abruptly against the other, breaking it and causing the earthquake,” they quote.


As the ONE report shows, the National Seismological Institute recorded some 3,768 earthquakes, which indicates that an average of 10 earthquakes were generated per day. The two largest earthquakes identified in Dominican land territory were located in the provinces of Monseñor Nouel and Hato Mayor, with magnitudes of 4.8 and 4.7 degrees respectively.

“Earthquakes, of magnitude less than 4 degrees on the Richter scale, are often perceptible, and rarely cause damage,” they explain from the state agency. It is in this range that 98.35% of the earthquakes that occurred in 2021 are found.

According to the report, there is an increase in the occurrence of telluric movements, going from 951 registered in 2017 to almost 3,800 in 2021. “This represents an increase in the release of energy, abrupt reorganization of materials from the earth’s crust, as well as underground activities caused, such as mining projects. Pointing out that the effects and damage of an earthquake also depend on the duration and depth where its epicenter is located ”, he adds.

In this sense, it should be noted that, in that same year, the National Seismological Institute registered two earthquakes with a magnitude greater than seven degrees in Haitian territory. According to data from the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), these disasters caused the death of approximately 2,246 people and displaced more than 26,200.

In the Dominican Republic there are 14 active earthquake faults. Among them are Hispaniola Norte, Camú, Septentrional, Hispaniola, Guazara, Bonao, Hatillo, San Juan – Restauración, Los Pozos – San Juan, Neiba, Enriquillo – Plantain Garden, La Trinchera de los Muertos, El Cercado and Higüey – Yabón. They are considered as geological alerts and are related to the possible generation of earth movements, landslides, landslides, most of which are located in parallel in the northern mountain range of the nation.


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