Kareena Kapoor Khan is a big name of the Bollywood industry. Kareena has played many different and iconic characters in many great films. In such a situation, he has a lot of fan following and status in the industry. Kareena is celebrating her birthday on 21st September. In such a situation, we are remembering Kareena’s most iconic character Geet. Along with this, he is also telling about the controversy related to his film ‘Jab We Met’.

15 years have passed since the release of director Imtiaz Ali’s film. This film is counted in Bollywood’s superhit love stories. The story of the film was based on a girl named Geet, who runs away from home to find her love Anshuman. Geet meets a boy named Aditya in the train. Later both of them give heart to each other.


The character of Aditya was played by Shahid Kapoor. At that time, Kareena and Shahid used to be in a relationship. Their off-screen chemistry and romance were in the news, as well as their onscreen chemistry with ‘Jab We Met’, both of them made fans crazy. Shahid and Kareena played their characters in the film in such a way that it is difficult to imagine anyone else in these roles. However, Bobby Deol made a big disclosure about Aditya’s character.

Bobby was offered ‘Jab We Met’

In a conversation with HuffPost in 2017, Bobby Deol had told that he was going to work in ‘Jab We Met’. But this could not happen because of Kareena. In his interview, Bobby had told that after watching the film ‘Socha Na Tha’, he wanted to work with director Imtiaz Ali. Bobby started talking to Imtiaz about ‘Jab We Met’. Then the film was named Geet.


Bobby had said in the interview that he had asked Shree Ashtavinayak Studios to sign Imtiaz for the film. Along with this, he also talked to Preity Zinta for the character of Geet. During this, Imtiaz Ali tried to talk to Kareena and she refused. However, Bobby later came to know that Imtiaz has been signed by the studio and Kareena has replaced him with Shahid Kapoor.

Bobby Deol said, ‘I was about to do this. I was about to do Jab We Met too. Now the name of that film was Geet. I had seen Socha Na Tha and immediately spoke to Imtiaz and told him that he is a great storyteller and his future is bright. I told him that I wanted to work with him and he had the script for Jab We Met ready. He was looking for a financier for the film.

He had further said, ‘Then there used to be a studio named Shree Ashtavinayak, he wanted me to sign. I told him let’s sign Imtiaz. He has the script. And let’s talk to Kareena Kapoor. The producer said that no that man will make a very expensive film. On the other hand, Kareena did not even want to meet Imtiaz. So I took them to Preeti. Preeti had said yes to the film, but she also said that she would be able to work on it only after six months. So she was trapped.


Bobby did not get the news of being fired from the film

After his replacement, Bobby Deol came to know only after reading somewhere. He told about this, ‘The days have passed. And suddenly I read that Ashtavinayak has signed Imtiaz for Jab We Met and Kareena is working in the film. And she has got her then boyfriend Shahid Kapoor cast with her in the film. Then I thought wow different things happen in the industry.

Bobby Deol had also told that he was also going to work with Imtiaz Ali in the film ‘Highway’. However this also could not happen. According to Bobby, he is not angry with Imtiaz. Rather believe that he is a good director. Also, there is a good friendship between the two.