Thursday, September 21, 2023

In 2060, the US will be the country with the second most Spanish speakers, according to a study

in 2060almost five and a half centuries after the arrival of Juan Ponce de León in what is now Florida, USA will be the country with the second most Spanish speakers, displacing Mexico to second place, according to a study released this Friday by the Hispanic Council.

about the Spanish Language Daywhich is celebrated this Sunday, the Hispanic Council cited figures from the Instituto Cervantes to point out that 57 million of people speak that language in the US

According to the census, the hispanic in the United States they are almost 19% of the population and, according to the reportby 2060, 27.5% of the US population will be of Hispanic origin.

“In less than four decades The United States will be the second country in the world with the largest number of Spanish-speakers, just behind Mexico,” said the Madrid-based Hispanic Council.

“The Hispanic community is not homogeneous, nor is his relationship with Spanish, “he added. “He English It is the most widely spoken language throughout the United States.

Nevertheless, seven out of ten Hispanics uses Spanish to communicate in the family environment, which “demonstrates that Spanish is a living language that Hispanics use for their cultural ties and for their professional projection.”

According to the Hispanic Council, there are in the US 624 media in Spanish active and 91% of high schools offer classes in Spanish. This country has, with more than eight million students, the largest number of Spanish students.

The seed of the Castilian language was planted in 1513 by the Spanish ponce de leona native of Valladolid, and now there are more Spanish speakers in the United States than in Spain, the report added.

ten states, four territories and dozens of counties and municipalities have names in Spanish, fruit of the Spanish colonial presence for more than 300 years.

The Hispanic Council specified that 26% of all Spanish-speakers in the United States are in Californiawhere the Hispanic population is close to 40% of the total, only surpassed by New Mexico, where the community of Hispanic origin represents almost half of the total population.


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