Friday, December 9, 2022

I’m ready, please stop spreading confusion: Messi

Sports Update Desk: On the one hand, millions of football fans are looking at him, because he is the main hope of the team. Also the last World Cup of his career. Performance should be shown there. At the same time, Argentina captain Lionel Messi has to maintain the team’s winning streak. From that pressure position, Argentina is going to enter the field in the first match of the World Cup against Saudi Arabia.

Lionel Messi and Kongra will take on Saudi at the Lucille Iconic Stadium in hopes of a World Cup at the turning point in their international careers. The match will start at 4 pm Bangladesh time.

Messi spoke to the media at the pre-match press conference. There he clarified that he is fully fit for the first match. At the same time, he requested to stop spreading confusion about him.

“Please stop spreading confusion about me,” Messi said. Never said, I didn’t practice with the team. Sometimes they say, I did it alone. These things are being talked about. In fact, I was preparing myself for the first match.

The teams did not get much time to prepare for this World Cup. Most of the footballers have joined the national team camp directly from club football. Mentioning that their first match in the World Cup is very important, Messi said that this World Cup is different from the previous ones.

He said, ‘We are going to play the World Cup in a completely different situation from the previous World Cups. Before the start of the World Cup, the preparation of the national team was going on for a month. I didn’t get that chance this time. I came to the World Cup to play in the club. The importance of the World Cup is always different. And the first match in any World Cup is very important. I want to start the match against Saudi Arabia well.’

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