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Illan Meslier: salary, size… Who is Leeds goalkeeper?

From Lorient since his birth on March 2, 2000, Illan Meslier was never out of place in his youth. Since his debut on a football pitch and his first professional contract, he has never left Brittany. This football enthusiast started this sport in Merlevenez, in Morbihan, completing his training with extra time with his friends in the evening. In an article by SoFootone of his former comrades, recalled the times when Illan was evolving andn tip. He thought he was Peter Crouch”, would have detailed his former classmate Junior Burban. One of his ex-trainers, Loïc Hado remembered him as a “heavy” player.

It is a bit of a coincidence that, during a match, will bring Illan Meslier to the position of goalkeeper. He will never let go of it again. Still among young people, the boy would have distinguished himself during a meeting against Lorient with his formation from Merlevenez. This earned him the right to join the Merlus club and evolve there. At the beginning, however, Illan Meslier would have lived his years of boarding school badly. “There were big ones who made me a little miserable. They hit me. I was small, I was not prepared for that”, he explained to the magazine SoFoot. By showing selflessness, the young man rose through the ranks and joined the senior category before signing pro.

Between 2018 and 2019, Illan Meslier became the Breton club’s number 1 goalkeeper. His performances caught the eye of the neighbor across the Channel and more particularly of Leeds United. Since the 2020 season, he has been the goalkeeper for the English team and he has played around a hundred games.

What is Illan Meslier’s salary?

Salaries are not the same in England and France and Illan Meslier has seen it. According to the estimates of the specialized platform spotrac he would earn nearly 80,000 euros gross monthly.

How old is Illan Meslier?

Illan Meslier celebrated his 23rd birthday on March 2. He was born at the beginning of the year 2000.

How tall is Illan Meslier?

The football goals are 2.44 meters high and 7.32 meters wide. Being tall is therefore a definite advantage for a goalkeeper. Illan Meslier, with a large size, measures 1m97.

What are the origins of Illan Meslier?

Illan Meslier is Breton, but etymologically, the first name Illan has nothing to do with the region where Illan Meslier comes from. This first name is of Hebrew origin.

What clubs did Illan Meslier go through?

He did not know many clubs to impose himself at the highest level. From Lorient, Illan Meslier went directly to England where he became the goalkeeper for Leeds United today in the Premier League.

What is Illan Meslier’s career in the France team?

There is not a plethora of goalkeepers and Illan Meslier was able to have his chance in blue hopes with 11 selections. In the U-20s he played 4 matches, 5 in the U-19s and 3 in the U-18s. He could be on Didier Deschamps’ list for the Euro 2024 qualifiers. So far the coach has never called on him for the A.


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