Saturday, January 28, 2023

If you can’t beat your enemy, join them: Shutterstock embraces DALL-E and launches its own imager

The AI-powered image generators, like Midjourney or DALL-E, are wowing almost everyone. Except, of course, those artists, photographers and platforms that depend precisely on the commercialization of visual material. Some have raised their voices against the use of artificial intelligence, but others, like ShutterstockThey have had no choice but to hug her to avoid future complications.

Shutterstock finally launched its own artificial intelligence to generate images, announced during October of the previous year. The same, moreover, is powered by DALL-Ethe technology created by OpenAI that exploded all this phenomenon the previous year.

At Shutterstock, they know that their stock image bank is still limited despite being one of the largest in the world. By integrating an artificial intelligence tool, however, the limit is the creativity of the user. The latter, through a text field, you can enter the description of the image you want and get a result in a matter of seconds.

In fact, the platform can generate multiple images from a single description so you have multiple options to choose from. In addition, the user has the possibility of determining, prior to the generation process, various characteristics of the material. For example, choosing a filter, a perspective and even an artistic style.

Of course, at Shutterstock they recommend that your text be as detailed as possible. In this way, DALL-E will be able to carry out a job closer to your wishes.

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