Monday, December 11, 2023

If a law is enacted, how many days would paternity leave in the DR include?

The Chamber of Deputies approved this Wednesday in first reading the bill that modifies several provisions of the Labor Code to extend maternity and paternity leave, among other provisions for the benefit of the worker.

The legislative piece, authored by the deputy Jose Horacio Rodriguezestablishes in paragraph one of article 54 that in the event of the birth of the wife or partner duly registered in the company, the employer will grant paid paternity leave for 21 business days from the birth or adoption of the infant, specified a note from the Chamber of Deputies.

In addition, the employer is obliged to grant the worker five days paid leave for the celebration of marriage, three days in the event of the death of grandparents, parents, children or the spouse.

With the modification of the article 236 The pregnant worker is entitled to mandatory rest during the six weeks preceding the probable date of delivery and the eight weeks following delivery.

The modification of article 239 provides that the previous break and after childbirth, the affiliated worker will be paid with a maternity allowance by the Superintendence of Health and Occupational Hazards.


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