Thursday, June 8, 2023

Ibon Navarro: “We lost the game in the second quarter”

Difficult moment they had to face ibon navarro and Dario Brizuela minutes after the toughest defeat of the season. Very sad faces of the Unicaja coach and player in the press room after losing in the semifinals of the Basketball Champions League in front of the German Bonn. Even so, despite the setback, the Basque shooting guard sent a message of union and optimism for a team that only a few months ago was Cup champion, still has the League ahead of them and next year will be back to try again: «We are not happy, it is evident. We are aware of the season we are doing. We cannot leave with our heads down. We will continue together, we will continue for a longer time together. we will have more opportunities. To continue working”.

The meeting could have changed signs at the last second Kendrick Perry played the triple and failed. The move will generate debate, but Ibon wanted to support his player despite the error in the final launch. «The players have to make decisions and Kendrick has made that one, I support him 100%. He felt like he had to take that shot to win. When it fails, we all say that I had to go inside … », he explained.

Asked about the reasons for the defeat, the coach from Vitoria believes that the game ended in the second quarter, when Bonn managed to come back and leave with a 10-point lead at halftime. The losses in the first part, key for him in the future of the clash. «I think that the 16 points of the first half after the loss have been definitive. We lost the game in the second quarter. From 20-11 to 31-41. We have scored 11 points in 13 minutes. Too many losses, has caused them to score. It has been the main problem. We have had more shots, we have rebounded better in attack. They are low shooting percentages. You pay for it in such a close game. I would highlight those points after losing at half-time,” Navarro analyzed.

Could the responsibility and pressure to play for Martín Carpena weigh in? This is how the technical compositor wanted to explain it. «Sure, sure … It is the typical game that nobody wants to play badly. When the rival does things… They were a very good team. We have abused the outside shot without stepping on paint. We have been making mistakes and we have had the last shot in a very bad game of ours. Such is the sport. We are sad for our fans. I am proud of the team, I want the people to be proud. We are going to continue, the season is not over at all”, stated the Unicaja coach.

Finally, he was questioned by possible changes in defense during the match, with moments in which he was able to use the area to stop the Germans. “We have made changes. We have been more aggressive, trying things. We have lost energy on failures. It has been a matter of energy, we have suffered a lot. They had three shooters on the field, and we haven’t done the zone. There we have done well not to do it, “concluded Ibon Navarro.


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