Friday, December 8, 2023

Ibon Navarro: «Tranquility… and continue working»

Ibon Navarro, coach of Unicaja, appeared at a press conference after the defeat against Valencia Basket upset by the setback, but with a clear vision of what is happening to the team.

“Congratulate Valencia Basket for the victory and my team for the effort. We have fought against a high-level team. This is the line. We are capable of not only competing, but also having another chance to beat them. “You have to play a practically perfect game.”

Losses, a burden

The Basque coach influenced ball losses and mistakes at a very specific moment. “Those last seconds of the third quarter and beginning of the fourth, with the way we play, we have made mistakes and losses that were not forced and that becomes points against. They also had some open shots. It is very difficult. A clear physical superiority has been noted today. You have to do almost everything well against teams as physical and talented as Valencia.”

For Ibon, there was also a certain anxiety this time. “When you play against a team that is physically superior… we have made mistakes of anxiety and others of not running well on the counterattack. We have not infected the people who saw that this was the moment of the game and we have fed each other with anxiety and frustration. Playing at home has everything good, but it is true that with the team like this and that feedback it has weighed on us a little. “There has been a touch of anxiety.”

Bad timing reading

For the typesetter technician, what is happening has a clear meaning: “We already ventured it. There are many players who are returning. It is normal. Today was a very strange game. Today we needed the inside game to be good and against players like that it is very complicated. Yankuba is doing a little better, but it is the natural process. We have to take care of Will, who has given us a lot. We knew that the moment of downturn would come. The team needed to train, not rest. We’re out of shape, not tired. Everyone doesn’t have to train the same. Tranquility and continue working.”


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