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Ibon Navarro: “The objective was to gain consistency at a defensive level”

Ibon Navarro appeared at a press conference after the Unicaja victory against Peristeri bwin (81-64). A victory that not only leaves an infallible 3-0 in the group stage of the Basketball Champions League, but also leaves very positive conclusions for the team’s future: the defense. “The objective was to gain consistency at a defensive level”the coach stressed and what a way to accomplish it with 44 points conceded in 30 minutes.

Balance of the match

“Congratulate the team for the victory. Quite satisfied with the defense. It’s a pity about those 15 losses, many of them not forced, the offensive rebounds that we have conceded and shots without quality that have allowed them to be hooked until the last quarter. The objective was to gain consistency at a defensive level. “There are three things to improve in Girona with a team with so much energy.”

Best minutes on defense

“We have been diluted by bad attacks, by not closing the defenses with rebounds. We have had unforced losses against a team that does not press too much or shots after bad decisions. Some, some justified and others unjustified, have looked for their shots to find the sensations and we have lost sensations at the back, they have caught the rebound. It has been more than the first half, but it has been marred. The first 17 minutes were really good“.

Four away games

“In terms of results we are doing well. We have taken a step forward in many things. The other day I read that this season in ACB there are five fewer away wins than last year. It costs a lot and we know it. Two are from Baskonia, which are less expected. Let’s go step by step. Girona plays completely different. “We have to come with a lot of energy.”

Dylan Osetkowski, in the match against Peristeri. Gregorio Marrero

Rest of Tyson Carter

“We are going to try to rotate that player who rests. Everything that Marcos tells us. Tyson had a little knee problem, although we had already thought about it before. So we have given him love so that he is well on Thursday and can help on Saturday. Everyone knows what there is. We will be a little more careful with travel. “Le Mans is especially complicated.”

Tyler Kalinoski

“There are things that are outside of his percentages that are very important for us. The important thing is that those percentages do not take away his energy for what he does. He has had several plays that we had prepared. We know that he needs it, but we know that if “He doesn’t screw them up and he continues doing it, he helps us to continue doing what he knows how to do and what is best for the team.”

Will Thomas looks to penetrate a Greek rival. Gregorio Marrero

Carpena Environment

“The pavilion, for a Tuesday, was pretty good. We all have bad days, it was all a matter of the feeling of that day’s game against Valencia. We are in a process, but we can’t complain about Carpena. It is the best court to play in the ACB“.


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