Sunday, May 28, 2023

Ibon Navarro: “Playing to score one more than Real Madrid was suicide”

The compositor technician made his analysis of what was seen on the white court: «It was a white glove game, without too much defensive intensity on the part of any team. I think that from our perspective, we have left players, of the quality that Real Madrid has, gain a lot of confidence, and if they already had it after the week they did in Belgrade, well… They have been able to score very difficult shots, I think 7 of 9 on three-pointers in the third quarter, despite the fact that we haven’t been bad up front, I think playing to score one more than Real Madrid, despite the casualties, because it is suicide, that is what has happened to us. The good part, that we have managed to put Alberto and Darío in rotation ».

Navarro explained that his distribution of minutes was marked by what is coming next week with the Final Four, although he also recognized the missed opportunity… «We have controlled the rotation and the load of the players a lot, facing next week. But we do leave with the feeling that, obviously, we have lost the opportunity to win, in the WiZink in the league after 16 years. We had a good chance, but we didn’t go for it. We lacked a bit of fang to bite a little more, and try to compete a little better. It is understandable, but we leave annoyed with this ».

Regarding the physical state of his squad now that one of the key moments of the season has arrived, he did seem happy. “The return of Darío and Alberto is good, because they have not resented. Alberto had a little scare yesterday, today he was a little scared, but I saw him well. I have seen Dario without many problems, let’s see if his knee doesn’t react badly to today’s load. I think we will count on them, the good thing that we already have to train at the pace of the others, we hope they are, if not 100%, they won’t be, but they do give us a high percentage to win two more players, and give that importance in the rotation”, finished.


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