Saturday, September 30, 2023

Ibon Navarro, pending Kravish and Sima

After a more than well-deserved day of rest after competing in the Endesa Super Cup, he Unicaja will return to training this Tuesday. However, far from how Ibon Navarro will approach the match against Lenovo Tenerife next Saturday in the Liga Endesa debut, the theme of the week in a cajista key is more than evident: the physical condition of the centers and the deadlines with which they are working for the return of both.

For now, the intentions, desires and fears of the technical keyboardist are more than evident: “I would like them to start training on Tuesday, but I don’t know.. David’s injury -Kravish- is being with the sword every morning. I don’t know how long we’re going to be like this. We tried to get him to train, the next day he got up sick and we gave up. I hope Yankuba can train now.” However, the situation and the caution we want to have with the two players is totally different.

Optimism with Yankuba Sima

The Spanish center has the possibility of being called up next Saturday. In fact, the Vitorian coach already announced a slight possibility of seeing one of the ‘center’ in Murcia, but the risk ended up being the option ruled out with the start of the Endesa League so close. Now, a few days later, the situation is less complex and the decision seems to be aimed at seeing the Catalan on the track. Before the Super Cup he already worked alone. The scar from his break in the inner calf of his left leg has already healed and his return could be confirmed this Tuesday.

Yankuba Sima, in a Unicaja training session. UnicajaB/Fotopress

Precisely, he was Shermadini’s great defender in the last league play off, but his physical conditions are far from that level. And that is one of the worst news because the truth is that Chasm He worked for long weeks in Los Guindosalong with Fran Vázquez, to start the season at an excellent level both at a basketball and physical level. However, a couple of days before passing the medical examination, that breakage that has kept him away for a month and a half arrived.

Prudence with David Kravish

On the other hand, the situation with the ‘Bulgarian’ center is much more cautious. The plantar fasciitis of ’45’ has been the big headache of the entire summer for the Unicaja medical staff. In fact, Ibon Navarro compared the injury to a “sword” and confirmed that they had tried to integrate Kravish into training, but had to postpone the return due to the return of the pain. It is an injury that must be taken care of every day and that has happened to what is, most likely, the composer with the most consistent performance.

Ibon Navarro and David Kravish, in a training session. Unicajab/Fotopress

Will they be back this Tuesday? One, both or neither? What is certain is that Unicaja returns to training with the focus on the Endesa League and I hope they do it with their centers because The calendar with Lenovo Tenerife, Casademont Zaragoza, Valencia Basket, Gran Canaria, Joventut and Baskonia does not give any rest.


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