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Ibon Navarro: “If it seems easy it is because we have done things well”

Ibon Navarro He appeared at a press conference after Unicaja’s victory against Breogán (87-70) very satisfied with the work against “a team that is very well worked.” He calmed down Kendrick Perry’s discomfort, explained what happened with the table after the unsportsmanlike behavior towards Osetkowski and praised Veljko Mrsic’s work with his players.


“A game in which you had to work for 40 minutes because as soon as you stop doing things well, they are there. They are very honest at work, they don’t stop trying the things they are good at in the game. We have been better in rebounds and recoveries. As we knew, their shooting percentages were going to improve because they have quality players who were going to put them in. Momirov has shown the type of player he is, especially in the first quarter. A first quarter where we lacked success, We missed open shots, we didn’t have rhythm. In the second quarter we started to improve, we scored more shots from Breogán, some rhythm in attack.

There have been times when Tyson has tried to lead the team with judgment, we have lost opportunities to run and take the ball to the corners in the first five seconds. He made an effort to do well, but we lost in the open field. “An important victory with a good difference against a good team.”

Kendrick Perry

“If we had had a very important game today, I would surely have made the effort. When you have a shoulder problem, the blows go exactly there. We also didn’t want to take an unnecessary risk.. We have a team where Mario comes in as one more. It has allowed us to add minutes to players who needed to pick up some load because they were low. Kendrick’s absence allows us for Tyson to play 20 and free up his minutes for others. “The idea was for other players to add physical load because they could be down this week.”

Breogán area

“Veljko is a top-level coach, if he has removed it it is for a reason. It is not easy to set up a zone against a team that attacks you for the first eight seconds. It has been difficult for us to start attacking, to arrive soon. We stopped, maybe with Kendrick we would have attacked faster. We had five very open shots that we would not have made, we would have done it later. “There has been criteria to move the ball.”

Merit to the rival

“We see Breogán many more games than you do. It is a team that is very well worked. What it was lacking and what it has lacked today is success. Their fourth pairs are worse because they do not have much rotation right now. They have several players with 30 minutes, the games are very long. They don’t stop working. If you don’t do things well for many minutes, you will have a bad time. If it has seemed easy it is because we have done things well many minutes. We have to give credit to Breogán.”

Kameron Taylor, in the match against Breogán. Gregorio Marrero

Kameron Taylor

“He had a lot of license to play many situations in Girona and here we are limiting them to his best virtues because there are more players capable of generating. Sometimes he makes mistakes due to excessive wanting to do things. Sometimes he makes a decision in the middle of the afternoon. He is still in that process. He has brilliant games like Vitoria. Today was less bright, but good. His first rotation has been very very good. He has helped with Djedovic to break the match.”

Unsportsmanlike to Osetkowski

“They have looked to see if there was an act of violence. She has been whistled for an act of violence. That sequence cannot be seen frame by frame and they have seen it. It’s not my thing, it’s theirs. It has to be seen at normal speed. They have said it and they have done it wrong. If they have called it, it is because they have decided that it was an act of violence. What I’m saying is that you can’t see it as they have seen it.”

Static attack

“The labels thing is very good. I would ask you to do a study of Unicaja where it is in effectiveness in static attacks. Numbers, not sensations. A team that runs and has fun seems that when it doesn’t…”.


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