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Ibon Navarro: “I hope we reach Sunday with good legs and a little more joy”

Rival characteristics

“I’m more worried about my team than the opponent, who has things that I can’t control. They are a team with important scoring streaks. They can hold on to the game even with low success percentages. I’m worried about those scoring streaks, as well as Pelos’s energy, the mobility of its “5”… They have many players capable of scoring many points in a very short time“.

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Is it an advantage that you played in Greece on Wednesday?

“The best training for Sunday is the match they played in Greece during the week in the Eurocup. They are used to this. These trips weigh more starting in January or February. It was their first trip, they have two days in between to prepare, It won’t affect them. In terms of pace, it’s sure to be good for them. I don’t think we’ll take advantage of this.“.

Painful defeat in Las Palmas last season

“Las Palmas’ slap last season was very useful to us. We learned many things from that. It helped us draw conclusions about how some of the refereeing things affected us, some specific situations in the games… That defeat was good for us.”

Ibon Navarro, during the press conference. Unicajab/Photopress-Mariano Pozo

complicated track

“It is a complicated trip, a hot field, we have to be alert, but we do not have to be worried. At the level of biorhythms it is the first game we are going to play in the morning. We have to keep our heads busy, but not worried”


“With Kravish we go day by day. He is responding well to the load, but we have to meet the deadlines so as not to miss the mark and have him relapse. He is key to our style of play. Because of his interpretation of direct blocking, because of his speed, which makes them have to help others less… He is a very important player in defense and attack. The automations are greatly affected by the lack of the “5” that we have had.”

Team roles

“We have to introduce Sima and Kravish, although it is not easy. They have to go through the games so that they gain rhythm and we try to ensure that our competitive level is not affected, although it is logical that it will affect us. All this is a process and there is “We have to pay the toll. The most important thing is not to be in a hurry and not make mistakes, so that neither of us suffers from our problems again. We know what we have to readjust.”

Unicaja plays this Sunday in Las Palmas. Unicajab/Photopress-Mariano Pozo

Goal for Sunday

I hope we get to Sunday well on our legs and with a little more joy. Let the team have fun on the field, let things happen for us and that the game is not as dirty as we have it right now.


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