Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Ibon Navarro, despite the victory: “We managed it badly, it’s my fault”

Ibon Navarro He appeared at a press conference after Unicaja’s victory against Le Mans (83-74) as he had rarely been seen before. In fact, it did not seem at any time that the victory and the leadership had remained with Carpena. He lamented the preparation of the 48 hours before the game and the message conveyed to the team to have rhythm, something that

Balance sheet

“I hope Williams Narace’s injury is not as serious as it seems. We have not been right with what we have done in the last 48 hours because it has cost us a lot. We have gone in fits and starts, without concentration, without having a spark. You have to value the Le Mans match. The defensive level they have had in the French league and in the Basketball Champions League is impressive. Today they have done it by losing several players who help them a lot. The only good thing is victory.”

Team management

“Badly. We managed it badly. The energy I was transmitting to the team was not good, that’s why I sat down. I’m more angry with myself than with the team. We knew what was going to happen. What we have done is not worth it. So we won’t repeat it. We come from what we come from, we knew it could happen. You know that I am a biochemist, the body biochemically needs more than 48 hours to recover adrenaline.”

48 hours before the game

“The team woke up very early on Monday. The decision was made for the team to rest to be well. It’s no one’s fault, I made that decision. It won’t happen again. We have gone in fits and starts, without concentration. “You have to be very clear about what they do and the degree of concentration has been regrettable, it cannot happen again.”

Mario Saint-Supéry

“Mario is just another player. Defensively he has been better than others, offensively he has suffered. He had to have more energy than the others. He has been infected. I don’t want to talk about Mario every game. He is just another player.”


“We have won. A better version of the team was expected. We haven’t done it, it’s my fault. “I’m angry with myself.”

Kravish’s physical status

“His fascia is better than his head. Every morning we are hoping that a ‘it hurts again’ message doesn’t arrive.”

Kravis tries to make a layup against Le Mans. Alex Zea

David Kravish


“We knew it was not going to be an easy game. Yesterday we traveled and before that we had a very tough game against Baskonia. We came out weak, Ibon Navarro pushed us and we responded well. We can improve things, but with a victory we can be happy.”


“It is much better. The club has done a great job managing the injury and rehabilitation. At this point, it’s a matter of getting into rhythm and form.”

Ibon’s Anger

“We are all very aware of Ibon’s anger. It is his job to never be satisfied, in our coach. Almost all of us know each other, we were here last year. We all received his message very clearly, we know each other. We know what has happened and what is expected of us“.


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