Saturday, January 28, 2023

Ibon Navarro: “Despite the result, we can’t be very happy”

Unicaja won by 22 points, but he was not very happy ibon navarro after the Round of 16 match.”I think we have not been good, it has not been a good game. They have done a good job of collapsing the area. They have left us shots from the triple, but they have not been good shots because we have not been aggressive without stepping on paint, just moving the ball around the outside. We knew that it was going to be like that and that we should not fall into this. We have made a mistake by not reading the game well“.

However, he is aware of what victory means. “The good news is that by playing 12-13 minutes of our real basketball we have beaten a very good team. We have to learn because this month we are going to play very difficult games and we cannot fall into this lack of control of what we want to do for wanting to win very soon. We cannot be very happy, despite the result because the game has not been the one we wanted”. Of course, he recognized that “Winning is winning and doing it by 22 points against a team like AEK is important“.

Although more than what the Greeks did, the disappointment of the compositor technician comes from the game of his team: “They did a good job of slowing down the pace throughout the first half, crossing the track in 6 or 7 seconds. We haven’t been solid on defense to rebound and run. We made too many mistakes. The game plan was a little different, but for the second time in a rowafter Manresa, our start has not been what we wanted in terms of some basic rules“.

What’s more, his reading of player performance is far from what the figures show. “Today the statistics are very misleading. There are players who have very good numbers and their game has not been so good. And there are players with very bad numbers and their game has been very important in terms of not making too many mistakes in defense”, to what he added: “I have to watch the game, but the feeling that all the staff have is that Will Thomas has changed the game. It has up to -5. The statistics are very unfair to him.”

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