Friday, September 22, 2023

Iberoquinoa Antequera seals relegation against Anaitasuna (22-34)

Iberoquinoa Antequera was not able to overcome the defense of Helvetia Anaitasuna in a match where it was always in tow and which was sentenced with a bad start to the second half where a partial 0-5 was already definitive for the Navarrese team to get with a nine-goal advantage and dominated the electronic until the final buzzer. Relegation sealed, it remains to give a good image for the rest of the season in the Sacyr Asobal league.

The beginning of shock was of absolute equality. Despite Iberoquinoa Antequera being the one who scored the first goal and the Navarre team took almost four minutes to score, it was the visitors who kept the pace in the electronic, having to be the Antequeras who were responding to the goals scored by his rival (4-4, min. 10).

Then the intensity of Anaitasuna’s defense increased, generating errors in the premises that they took advantage of to be able to run, the game in which they feel comfortable. Based on counterattacks and second waves, they got a partial 1-6 in their favor that allowed them to double the Antequera team, forcing Lorenzo Ruiz to stop the match (5-10).

Iberoquinoa Antequera managed to react, also managing to improve on their 6-0 line to cause errors in their rival and achieve quick transitions to close the gap (11-13) but they were not able to be constant in their game from here to the end of the first part. And the team from Navarra knew how to punish the lack of success in the final moments to recover part of the advantage and go to the break four up (13-17).

Going through changing rooms could not have made Iberoquinoa Antequera feel worse. It took more than eight minutes for the green team to see the door, with passing errors and losses that also allowed the Navarrese counterattacks, which with a partial 0-5 gave an almost definitive blow to the clash (13-22).

Everything was already very uphill for Iberoquinoa Antequera, who were unable to react in the remainder of the match. It was a want and I can’t, but the distance was established at ten points and it was not possible to add spice to the final minutes, in which the homegrown players Isaac García and Lorenzo Ruiz were from the game, the Antequera team finished falling by twelve distance goals (22-34).


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