Saturday, September 30, 2023

Iberia, the first sponsor to raise its voice after the Rubiales scandal

After the barrage of criticism and public complaints against Rubiales for the kiss given to the player of the women’s soccer team Jenni Hermoso in the celebration after the victory in the World Cup final and just a few hours after Rubiales’ intervention before the assembly of the RFEF holding the player herself responsible and charging against “false feminism”Iberia, one of the main sponsors of the institution, has shown its discomfort with “offensive situations” on social networks and has warned that it will support the actions that are adopted.

Iberia has always supported and will continue to support Spanish talent, sport and footballwhich is our role as sponsors, among others, of the RFEF”, he pointed out from his Twitter account. “In any case, when offensive situations occur, inappropriate for a developed, modern and egalitarian society like the Spanish one, Iberia supports the opportune and pertinent measures that must be taken to preserve the rights and dignity of athletes”, he indicated.


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