Friday, December 9, 2022

Ibai confirms the date on which it will stop broadcasting on Twitch

Ibai Llanos, one of the streamers most popular Spanish-speaking will leave Twitch in 2023 due to the termination of the contract he signed with the company. The man from Bilbao has taken advantage of one of his broadcasts to detail what will be the date of your last direct on the platform owned by Amazonalthough he still does not reveal what his new house will be.

Ibai, who informed his viewers a few months ago that his contract with Twitch was about to end, has confirmed what do you knowThe last broadcast will be on December 31, 2022. That is, on New Year’s Eve. It is therefore expected that his last live show will be the broadcast of the chimes and that, in addition, that same day he will confirm if he will continue to broadcast on Twitch or if, instead, he will go live on YouTube.

Interestingly, Ibai himself revealed when he announced that his contract with the platform was going to end soon, that he only had two options. The first, start broadcasting on the alternative to Amazon’s service: YouTube. The second option, continue doing direct on Twitch. “I’m going to be honest, and even if it goes against my interests, there are only two possibilities, YouTube and Twitchthe rest, friends, no way,” said the streamer.

Ibai is clear on which platform it will broadcast from 2023

Youtube |  Ibai Plains

Ibai, however, is already clear on which service it will create content from 2023, when its contract with Twitch ends. He also assures that he has made the decision based on how “the platform itself” is and “the pasta that each one pays for” (referring, of course, to Twitch and YouTube).

“Let’s not think about the viewers, or the records, or the hosts. Let’s think about what the platform itself is, and also the money that each one pays, let’s be honest. So, based on that, I have taken a decision”.

Ibai also mentioned that Twitch is better designed for live broadcasts thanks to features such as chat or the community that it has managed to create over the years. He details, however, that YouTube has a greater reach and which is better for large events.

The fact that the current contract with Twitch ends, also, does not mean that he will not sign a new one whose conditions, yes, could be different. In any case, the Amazon platform plans to reduce what it pays its creators from 70 to 50%.

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