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I would have gone crazy, Anushka saved me: Kohli

The season of Indian Premier League – IPL is going on. Meanwhile, one of India’s best cricketers, Virat Kohli, broke the bomb about his mental health. Kohli, who was out of form for a while, had to go through a difficult emotional situation. At that time, his wife actress and producer Anushka Sharma held his hand tightly.

This heroine has kept her husband in all situations. Not only that, Kohli was also heard saying that he would have gone ‘crazy’ without Anushka.

The former Indian captain was away from cricket for several days last year. Kohli has witnessed many ups and downs in his 15-year long international career. But last year he was mentally broken.

Kohli opened up about this in an interview given to Geo Cinema. His wife Anushka has helped him the most in his fight against mental depression, Virat said – ‘Anushka understands exactly how intense it is to be a public figure. He saw the whole thing very closely. So talking to him is invaluable to me. He always tells me the truth.’

Kohli said, ‘To be honest I reached a situation where I was mentally weak. If I had to find a solution to that, I’d probably go crazy. Maybe I would have become more naïve and eccentric. But Anushka humbled me even more, we grew up together.’

At one time, maintaining monthly abstinence became a difficult challenge. Kohli said, ‘I will not lie. The matter was complicated. So had to stand back. Entering the rat race to be the best, the environment seemed unhealthy. At that time it was the best decision to withdraw from cricket.’

At one point, Kohli began to care about what others thought of him, which influenced his game. In this open-minded discussion with Robin Uthappa, Kohli said, ‘What the fans want from me, what they think about me was going through my mind. His influence was on my game. At that time it was really necessary to take a break.’

Kohli also regrets not being able to spend more time with his daughter Bhamika after her birth. He could not witness many moments of his daughter growing up. The cricketer also accepted that Bhamika has brought many changes in his life.

In Kohli’s words, ‘Bhamika has taught me to live in the present. I was forgetting that.’ Outside of cricket, Kohli now spends most of his time with his family. His wife Anushka and daughter Bhamika are the source of his endless energy.

(19 April/AJ)


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